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SyntroFlo Cone Crusher Feeders

Engineered Bucket Elevators

The SyntroFlo cone crusher loading feeder by Syntron is a MF two-mass tuned direct drive vibratory feeder with an engineered discharge uniquely designed for equal distribution of product. The trough including the discharge is fully lined to account for wear. Like traditionally designed feeders, it is suspension mounted, which can be easily integrated into a trolley system allowing it to be moved out of the way for crusher maintenance. In side-by-side installations of a feeder-plus-rotary distributor versus a SyntroFlo cone crusher loading feeder directly feeding the crusher, the SyntroFlo unit delivered superior, cone-friendly performance. The uniform distribution provided by the SyntroFlo unit increased curser manganese life and yielded more cubicle-formed product.

SyntroFlo is available in three standard sizes for tertiary crusher applications: STF-3F, STF-4F, and STF-5F. In addition, we are developing the STF-3C, STF-4C, and STF-5C for secondary crushing applications. Both designs work with 300 HP, 400 HP, and 500 HP cones respectively. These designs will allow the SyntroFlo unit to be a cost-effective solution for feeding your cone crusher equipment (see data sheet for equipment details). We can build a custom cone crushing feeder unit for larger and smaller applications upon request.

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