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With more than 140 years of bulk material handling experience, Syntron Material Handling is a recognized industry leader in providing innovative engineering, high-performance products, and superior customer service.
Established in May 2014, Syntron Material Handling (SMH) was built out of the legacies of Link-Belt Company and Syntron Company, formerly owned by FMC Technologies. Today, our skilled employees have a combined 4,212 years of industry knowledge that they put into the SMH product every day. We are dedicated to providing customers with complete material handling solutions.

Syntron Timeline

  • William Dana Ewart organizes the Link‑Belt Machinery Company, in Chicago, to extend the field of operations of Link‑Belt® and wheels to power transmissions, elevators, and conveyors in the various industries.

  • The New York office of the Link‑Belt Machinery Company unites with the firm of Burr and Dodge to form the Link‑Belt Engineering Company, with plant and main office in Philadelphia.

  • These three related companies, the Ewart Manufacturing Company, then located at Indianapolis; the Link‑Belt Machinery Company, Chicago; and the Link‑Belt Engineering Company, Philadelphia, consolidate as the Link‑Belt Company, with Mr. Charles Piez as its president.

  • The Link‑Belt Company buys the H. W. Caldwell & Son Company plant and business, in Chicago, thus increasing its screw conveyor and power transmission lines, and adding machine-molded gears and other Caldwell specialties.

  • The Syntron Company of Homer City, Pennsylvania, is formed.

  • Link‑Belt acquires The Syntron Company, a manufacturer of vibratory feeders, primarily for coal and ore handling.

  • The FMC Corporation makes its second major acquisition of the decade, purchasing Link-Belt Company, a Chicago based manufacturer of power transmission, processing, and bulk handling equipment.

  • FMC moves its Machinery Divisions administrative staff from San Jose, California, to the Prudential Building in Chicago, where Link‑Belt was headquartered.

  • Among FMC’s major investments in the early 1970s is a new 300,000-square-foot plant in Saltillo, Mississippi, to build Link‑Belt Material Handling Equipment.

  • FMC restructures to create 2 separate, publicly traded companies: FMC Technologies (machinery) and FMC Corporation (chemicals).

  • FMC Technologies opens Material Handling Solutions Changshu facility.

  • Syntron facility (vibratory products) is relocated to Saltillo, Mississippi. Material Handling Solutions acquires Technisys.

  • FMC Technologies divests its Material Handling Products business to Syntron Material Handling.

  • Syntron Material Handling invests $6M in factory equipment and robotic automation.

  • Kadant Inc. (NYSE: KAI), a global supplier of high-value, critical components for process industries, acquires Syntron Material Handling, LLC to deliver market-leading products and technologies.

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