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Simple design and flexible control account for the efficient, economical performance of Syntron® volumetric feeder machines, and the growing industrial preference for them. These units can feed most dry bulk materials and can be supplied to conform to FDA and USDA specifications. Six Syntron volumetric feeder machine models are available.

Syntron volumetric feeder machine designs include four basic components: a supply hopper, a hopper vibrator, a vibrating feeder, and the supporting frame. Supply hoppers are usually fabricated from mild steel but are available in stainless steel. Most supply hoppers are conical; however, rectangular hoppers are an option. Adjusting the gate height between the hopper and feeder trough regulates material depth for most models. Material depth for model FM-T0 is regulated by hopper tilt.

Arching, plugging, or bridging of materials in the hopper is prevented through incorporation of a Syntron electromagnetic vibrator. The hopper vibrator features a variable power control, assuring free flow of material to the feeder trough. Vibrating feeders on the Syntron volumetric feeder machines operate at 3,600 vpm (at 60 Hz) and trough options include flat pan (standard), V-shaped, tubular, or screening troughs of mild or stainless steel.

Because of their simple design, Syntron volumetric feeder machines are dependable and have an exceptionally long service life. There are no moving parts such as motors, belts, gears, valves, connecting arms, or sliding rods to wear or lubricate.

Drives on Syntron vibrating feeders are available with dust-proof, dust-tight, and waterproof construction. For dust-tight sealing, special covered or tubular troughs feature flexible seals on the discharge end of the supply hopper. In addition, flexible seals that seal the top of the supply hopper to an overhead chute, as well as removable dust covers for the supply hopper are available. These units are virtually noiseless, meeting applicable OSHA specifications. Even at maximum feed, a hum is the only indication that the machine is operating.

Syntron volumetric feeder machines are supplied with electric controls that can be mounted separately at any desired location. Standard controls contain operating switches, rectifiers, and rheostats. The electric control regulates the feed rate by varying the vibrating intensity of the electromagnetic feeder. A graduated dial on the control panel permits variation of the flow speeds. Timers are also available to provide intermittent feed.

Capacities of Syntron volumetric feeder machines vary with different materials. Lighter and finer materials result in less capacity and heavier materials result in higher capacities.

Syntron offers six models of volumetric feeder machine: FM-T0-3/4, FM-T01-1, FM-010-3, FM-152-3, FM-212-3, and FM-22-50. We offer custom design services to meet specific customer needs.

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